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  A complete one-stop network solution

  Internet Integration

  • Depending on your connectivity needs and the services available in your location, we can connect you to the world at a high-bandwidth connectivity via either cable modem or DSL.
  • you can share your High-Speed Cable or DSL Service for your entire network and, setup the individual e-mail account for each user/computer on the network.


  • Once you have a connection that is always on, you leave your network vulnerable to hacker attacks.

  • A firewall is a system designed to allow authorized users on your network to access the Internet, but prevent outside parties from accessing internal resources.

  • Firewalls can be implemented in both hardware and software, or a combination of both.

  Virtual Private Network

  • A VPN (virtual private network) is a private communication tunnel that transmits data over a public network (like the Internet) between two or more VPN devices(such as a computer running VPN software or a special device like a VPN enabled router).

  • VPN enables secure encrypted connections between authorized offsite computers and office networks, allowing employees the ability to work from home or on the road and reduces time lost due to absences.

    A well-designed VPN should include Security, Reliability, Scalability.

  Wireless Networking

  • To setup your wireless network, you need an Access Point unit. Each laptop computer in the network will need a PC Card and each desktop computer will need either a PCI or USB Connector to get on the network.


  • Planning, Installing, Connecting, and Testing.

    A properly implemented wiring scheme reduces system down time; if problems do arise with your network you can concentrate on other areas of the network where the problem may exist and not waste time and resources by checking the cabling.

    We provide cost-effective structured cabling systems, and make sure that the physical design and layout is a robust, reliable and efficient system that will meet your needs.


  • We can provide the equipment that best fits your specific needs.

    DSL/Cable Modem, Hub, Switch, Router, and more ...


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