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  Our best E-commerce solution will be your faith 

  E-Commerce storefront/shopping cart

  • E-Commerce Web Page Design

    - Web Page Layout Design.
    - Web Page Program Design. (Product Navigating)
    - Database Program Design. (Product Input)
    - Shopping Cart Implement. (Product Evaluating: Price, Tax, Shipping Fee, ...)

  • Product Item Input

    Includes :
    Scanning or taking pictures, Image editing, Data typing, Data Uploading.

  • On-Line Credit Card Processing

    - Off-line processing : credit card details are sent by an encrypted email for you to process using your existing merchant account.

    - On-line processing : you will need an Internet Merchant Account, Payment Gateway Processor; Account Monthly Fee, Transaction Fee, Gateway Processing Fee, and Account Setup Fee, depending on the bank you qualify for.

  • E-commerce Web Site Hosting

  E-Commerce Hosting Price

One Plan Hosting $19.95 each month $239.00 each year
Hosting Setup One time Setup fee $95.00 one time

DNS Transference

Free existed DNS transferring

$0.00 (Free)
DNS Registration
Networksolutions charges
every year
$35.00 each year

Web content
migration (optional)

need FTP username & password $45.00 ~ 260.00
(by quoting)
E-mail Server activate (optional) Activate e-mail accounts on Mail Server (10 e-mail accounts each) $50.00 one time fee
for each 10 e-mails.


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