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PAX S80 v3 192Mb Dial/Ethernet Terminal/Printer/PIN Pad/SCR/Contactless - Dual Com, EMV, NFC

Model#: S80-M0L-363-02EA
Product#: PINPAD271
Sale Price: $228.45
PAX MT30 v2.1, TCH SIG, 64Mb, Dial/Ethernet, Terminal/PIN Pad/SmartCardReader - Dual Com, EMV

Model#: MT30-00L-062-01EA
Product#: PINPAD273
Sale Price: $428.73
PAX R50 Contactless Reader, Serial/USB, NFC

Model#: R50-101-1E0
Product#: PINPAD278
Sale Price: $153.64
PAX External Modem PAX S90 CDMA/WIFI Dial Dongle

Model#: EM100-N0-1E0
Product#: PINPAD286
Sale Price: $39.95
PAX SP20 V3, Pin pad - Serial

Model#: SP20-130-4EO
Product#: PINPAD312
Sale Price: $112.75
PAX SP30 v3.1, Dial/Ethernet, Terminal/PIN Pad/SCR/Contactless - Dual Com, EMV, NFC

Model#: SP30-00L-263-01EA
Product#: POSP003
Sale Price: $268.75
PAX S300 v3, RS232/Ethernet, PIN Pad/Card Reader/SCR/Contactless - Dual Com, EMV, NFC

Model#: S300-000-363-01NA
Product#: POSP004
Sale Price: $284.53
PAX D210, v3, 192Mb, WiFi/Bluetooth, Wireless Terminal/PIN Pad/SCR/Contactless, EMV + NFC

Model#: D210-0PW-364-01NA
Product#: POSP020
Sale Price: $448.35
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