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For Cash Management, we offer reliability, accuracy, and speed to business owners and organizations.

Our money counter machines, which include bill counter machines, coin counter machines and other cash handling systems, are specifically designed for making your work easier, eliminating human error and creating time savings.

Our products are suitable for:

 - Bank
 - Credit Union
 - Check Casing
 - Currency Exchange
 - Gas Station
 - Convenience Store
 - Grocery Store
 - Specialty Retailer
 - Restaurant
 - Night Club
 - Bar
 - Fundraising
 - Religious Organization
 - School

Stop worrying about counterfeits! To Reduce your counterfeit losses, We help business detect counterfeit bills with easy to use UV counterfeit bill detectors, automatic US Dollar counterfeit bill detectors, foreign currency counterfeit money detectors and other counterfeit detecting equipment.

Check for counterfeit bills using UV, MG, WM and MP detections systems:
  Bill Counter  

AccuBanker AB300MGUV Portable Banknote Counter + MG and UV Counterfeit Detection

Do you need to count and detect counterfeits on the go? Sturdy and reliable, the AB300 is a compact counter with professional features. Innovative portable-backloading counter. 

AccuBanker AB900 The Mini Bill Counter

Are you tired of counting bills and rechecking them every time? Look no further, speed, reliability and accuracy make this money counter the perfect choice for the personal or small business use. 

AccuBanker AB1000 Bill Counter

Whether you run a small/medium sized business or just need to count, organize and manage your cash, the AB1000 Bill Counter is right for you.  more

AccuBanker AB1050UV Commercial Bill Counter + UV Detection

For those who want to check for counterfeits as they count their money, this bill counter incorporates ultraviolet counterfeit detection allowing you to “catch” worthless bills.   more

AccuBanker AB1100 Commercial Digital Bill Counter

This “next generation” bill counter counts at higher speeds, boasts a sleeker design and incorporates an emergency stop feature and auxiliary screen for a safe, accurate and fast cash counting process.   more

AccuBanker AB1100MGUV Commercial Digital Bill Counter + MG and UV Detection

This unit offers the best of AccuBANKER’s next generation currency counting and counterfeit detection technologies: high speed, sleek design, emergency stop, auxiliary screen, magnetic and UV detection.   more

AccuBanker AB1100UV Commercial Digital Bill Counter + UV Detection

The AB1100 currency counter is an invaluable tool for supermarkets, movie theaters, retail locations and many other business environments where cash handling and verification are essential.   more

AccuBanker AB4000 Cash Teller Bill Counter

This AccuBANKER bill counter boasts a streamline design. This affordable front-loading bill counter performs an accurate and fast cash counting process. Additionally, the AB4000 series incorporates the emergency stop.   more

AccuBanker AB4000MGUV Cash Teller Bill Counter + MG and UV Detection

This affordable front-loading bill counter performs an accurate, smooth and fast cash counting process. Additionally, the AB4000 series incorporates the emergency stop. This low cost unit simultaneously performs MG and UV detection.   more

AccuBanker AB4000UV Cash Teller Commercial Money Counter with UV Detection

AccuBANKER’s streamline design of this affordable front loading bill counter satisfies any small to large business cash counting needs. Stylish and equipped with UV detection, this unit includes the “emergency stop” feature.   more

AccuBanker AB5000PLUS Heavy Duty Bill Counter + MG and UV Detection

This is AccuBANKER's professional grade Bill counter with counterfeit detection for businesses and financial institutions. When the strictest counting/counterfeit detection controls are required, this unit offers it all at an affordable price.   more

AccuBanker AB5500 Value Extension Bill Counter+ MG and UV Detection

Featuring the value extension function, the AB5500 is our most advanced bill counter. Boasting variable counting speeds, and report printing capabilities, the AB5500 is perfect for any mid to large size business.   more
  Bill Strapping Machine  

AccuBanker Automatic Strapping Machine

Automate and optimize your bill strapping process. Strap bills together rapidly and efficiently. Highly recommended for businesses and financial institutions processing medium to high cash volumes.   more
  Coin Counter  

AccuBanker AB410 Commercial Grade Coin Counter/Sorter

Finally, a coin counter/sorter specifically designed for the small business. Count and sort up to 300 coins at a time with this compact and reliable unit.   more

AccuBanker AB610 Medium Duty Coin & Token Counter/ Packager

AccuBANKER's high-speed counter allows easy sorting, packaging and bagging for a wide variety of coins and tokens. Best suited for mid-sized businesses to large chain stores.   more
Counterfeit Detector  

AccuBanker D22 Portable Money Detector (UV)

Protect your hard-earned money from counterfeits anywhere you go. Quick-and-easy turn on/off feature.   more

AccuBanker D62 Counterfeit Money Detector (UV)

Are counterfeits having negative effect on your Profit and Loss? This professional ultraviolet money detector will give you the edge you need.   more

AccuBanker D63 Counterfeit Money Detector (UV/WM)

Reduce counterfeit losses! Protect hard earned cash with this dual compact counterfeit detection system. Check for counterfeit banknotes using ultraviolet and watermark detections systems.   more

AccuBanker D64 Counterfeit Money Detector (UV/MG/WM/MP)

Stop the counterfeiter from affecting your business! Protect hard earned cash with this quad counterfeit detection system.   more

AccuBanker D66 Banker Pro Counterfeit Detector (UV/MG/WM/MP)

Are counterfeits affecting your bottom line? Scan your cash with this simultaneous quad counterfeit detector featuring an enlarged magnifying glass.   more

AccuBanker D200 Tower Counterfeit Detection System (IR/UV/MG/WM/MP/PN)

The “ultimate” in counterfeit detection, the Tower helps check for counterfeit bills using a revolutionary infrared technology in addition to five traditional counterfeit detection systems.   more

AccuBanker D450 Bleached Bills Auto Detector (UV/MG/IR)

Stop worrying about counterfeits with this fully automatic banknote verification system. Its self-feeding detection system eliminates the need to visually inspect the note. Currency: U.S. dollar.   more

AccuBanker D500 Super Dollar Authenticator (illustrations/IR/MG)

Compact, accurate and user friendly, the D500 is capable of discriminating between multiple denominations, while detecting illustrations, infrared and magnetic security features.   more

AccuBanker D580 Pro Authenticator Multi-Currency Detector (MG/IR/UV/Image/Spectrum/Length)

Identify, detect, and count with the latest in multi-currency identification technology. The D580 is capable of discriminating between multiple denominations, while using 5-point banknote security technology to verify the authenticity of bills.   more
Coin Dispenser/Changer   

Talaris InstaChange Coin Dispenser/Changer

Coin changers can reduce transaction times by 5 to 7 seconds on average and can eliminate shrinkage due to coin mis-counts, reducing wait times and reducing costs.   more

Talaris InstaChange US Coin Canister

This is a US Rotary Magazine (Coin Canister) for Talaris InstaChange Coin Dispenser   more

Telequip T-Flex Coin Changer

Telequip T-Flex’s coin dispenser provides fast and efficient operations for a multitude of markets and applications.   more


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